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Getting Started with AXplorer


Step 1

Download AXplorer browser through one of the links provided above


Step 2

Log in to your AXIA profile through the 9-grid menu at the top right of AXplorer


Step 3

Visit the Member Rewards Dashboard to learn how to earn and keep track of your rewards

earn rewards

Referral Rewards

Through the AXIA Referral Program, you'll earn AXC anytime your friends or family download AXplorer via your exclusive referral link!

Own Your Data

AXplorer is a privacy-first browser. Now you can control your data and earn financial rewards while you surf the web.

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earn rewards

Earn AXIA by Browsing

Make AXplorer your default browser and get rewarded everyday. Earn even more when you browse the web, watch ads, take surveys and more.

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AXIA is designed to grow value for all participants. Any activity on the network brings more value to you and all other community members simultaneously.


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